Patrick McCabe

Patrick was born in Johannesburg, but lived most of his life in Cape Town and Asia. From an early age he had a natural drawing ability and was fascinated with the movement in both people, especially athletes, and animals which encouraged him to develop his artistic skills. His artistic career started at the UCT Ballet School, where he went on to dance professionally for a number of years with the CAPAB Ballet Company as well as appearing in the Academy Theatre's production of West Side Story. After pursuing his dancing career, he steered his creative skills into the fashion clothing world, where he was involved in retail buying, fashion catalogues, clothing design and manufacturing. His fashion and clothing experience enabled him to gain international experience and to be based in the East for 17 years, where he had the good fortune of residing in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China. Having had the opportunity to travel worldwide, he gained invaluable international exposure to the American, European and Asian Arts and Culture. This experience, together with his African roots, has had a profound influence on his art and broadened his outlook on life.

  • Infinity
  • Come Together
    Come Together
  • On The Move
    On The Move
  • Walk In My Shadow
    Walk In My Shadow
  • Moody Blues
    Moody Blues
  • Galaxy
  • Mystic Blues
    Mystic Blues
  • Romantic Dreams
    Romantic Dreams
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